Independent insurance agent versus a Captive insurance agent: here’s why this is such an important decision to make.

As a RV owner, you probably never considered how working with an independent insurance agent compares to a captive insurance agent – or why it’s even an important consideration.

In fact, if you’re like most people, you don’t even know the difference. But, there is a critical difference between the two types of agents.

An independent insurance agent offers you many advantages.

Let’s start with the basics.

In the world of insurance professionals, there are generally two kinds of agents – captive insurance agents and independent insurance agents.

Captive Insurance Agent: This type of an agent represents the insurance carrier with whom they are appointed. A captive agent is obliged to give business only to that company. The challenges these agents encounter include:

  • Their parent company can prohibit cross-selling
  • The parent company can discontinue selling certain lines if it views them as unprofitable
  • They are unable to refer you to a different insurance carrier
  • Parent companies often push certain policies over others and require agents to meet strict sales quotas

Independent Insurance Agent: An independent agentcan be appointed with many different insurance companies or carriers. So, this means independent agents usually have a wide variety of products and companies to offer you.

If independent insurance agents can’t place you with a policy with one provider, they can go to another company to write the coverage. Or, if a carrier discontinues a specific type of coverage, independent agents have the freedom to look elsewhere for the same type of coverage for you.

In other words, an independent agent can look for the perfect product for you, without the pressure of being forced to sell a product that may not be the best for your needs. Plus, independent agents can comparison shop with their carriers to find the right coverages at the best rates.

Trust the independent insurance agents at Explorer RV Insurance.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing your RV insurance agent. But, finding out if you’re working with a captive or an idependent agent should be at the top of your list.

When you deal with Explorer RV Insurance, you’ll only be working with independent insurance agents. It’s been that way since our company began in 1997. And it will always be that way. We feel it provides our RV customers with the best possible advice and protection.

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