Report a Claim

It is extremely important that claims be reported as soon as possible after a loss occurs.

If you need to report a claim, please report it to your insurance company, to avoid delays in service.

Below, you will find the Claims and Roadside Assistance numbers for the insurance companies we represent:

National Interstate Claims Number (800) 929-0870
Great American Claims Number (800) 929-0870
Foremost Claims Number (800) 527-3907
Triumphe Casualty Company Claims Number (800) 929-0870
Progressive Claims Number (800) 925-2886
Progressive Roadside Assistance Number (888) 776-2778
Coach-Net  Roadside Assistance Number (877) 801-0333
Safeco Claims Number (800) 322-3226
Travelers Claims Number (800) 252-4633
Infinity Claims Number (800) 334-1661

Mexico Liability Insurance Providers:

If you have a claim in Mexico, you must report your claim before leaving Mexico.
If you leave Mexico prior to reporting the claim, your claim may be denied by the insurance company. Below, we have listed the number you should call while in Mexico as well as the number you can call when you have returned to the United States to check the status of your claim.

ABA Seguros From Mexico: 01 800-834-3400
From US: (877) 699-6679
ACE Seguros From Mexico: 01 800-223-8687
From US: (866) 223-8023
GE Seguros From Mexico: 01 800-019-6000
From US: (800) 284-9783
Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) From Mexico: 01 800-026-5110
From US: (888) 823-4745
Zurich From Mexico: 01 800-282-0787
From US: (866) 590-0133
MexVisit From Mexico: 01 800-624-6491
From US: (877) 596-9691