RV parks and campgrounds: as a campground owner, you've got to consider: is your site fun enough?

While campers retreat to RV parks and campgrounds for a number of reasons, they all want to enjoy themselves.

For many, this means being entertained. And, that’s especially so at RV parks and campgrounds where there’s nothing else around for miles.

So, as a campground owner, what can you do to make your site more fun for your guests? Having plenty of activities is a great way to start.

Suggestions for activities at RV parks:

The types of activities at RV parks that can be successfully held vary according to the size and location of the site, as well as the number of people on staff. But, hopefully this list will provide some ideas you can use:

      • Barbeques
      • Picnics
      • Luaus
      • Potluck dinners
      • Pancake breakfasts
      • Ice cream socials
      • Chili cook-offs
      • Campfire and marshmallow roasts
      • Bingo
      • Bird-watching
      • Campsite decorating contests
      • Craft shows
      • Beaded ornament classes
      • Quilting
      • Face painting
      • Kid’s crafts
      • Hoppity-horse derbies
      • Scavenger hunts
      • Computer lessons
      • Shuffleboard
      • Badminton
      • Croquet
      • Horseshoes
      • Volleyball
      • Water aerobics
      • Power walking
      • Guided hikes
      • Swim parties
      • Darts
      • Line dancing
      • Billiards tournament
      • Live music
      • Cards and games
      • Dance parties
      • Karaoke

Which kinds of activities at RV parks will work for your situation? Use this list to spark your imagination!

Protect your investment with commercial vehicle insurance.

While planning enjoyable activities for your guests can be a great way to increase business and help ensure repeat visits, other business concerns aren’t quite as fun to think about. But, as a campground owner, you need to deal with them to safeguard your investment from possible financial losses.

Commercial vehicle insurance is a must for many RV parks and campgrounds. That’s because vehicles used as part of your business likely won’t be covered by personal auto insurance. When it’s time to file a claim, your insurer will deny it – and you’ll be forced to pay for the expenses out of your savings.