RV parks and campgrounds: discover why being without the right commercial vehicle insurance could jeopardize your business.

As a campground owner, it’s important to protect your business with the correct types of insurance, along with adequate policy limits. Otherwise, you’re unnecessarily exposing your business to large financial risks. 

Owners of RV parks and campgrounds frequently use vehicles on their property as part of their operation. Does this describe you as a campground owner? If so, you probably need commercial insurance. 

Let’s take a closer look at commercial vehicle insurance. 

When determining if a personal or commercial vehicle insurance policy is the right solution for your business, an insurer will look at several factors, including the:

  • Types of vehicles used
  • Vehicle owners
  • Vehicle drivers
  • Use of the vehicles (business or personal)
  • Liability limits requested 

A commercial vehicle insurance policy can cover your own vehicle(s), as well as non-owned or hired vehicles used for the purpose of your business. It can apply to passenger cars, small trucks, vans, pickups, tractors and other types of vehicles found at RV parks and campgrounds as part of the operation. 

Some of the coverages associated with commercial policies are similar to those of typical auto insurance, such as: 

      • Liability
      • Comprehensive
      • Collision
      • Medical payments
      • Uninsured/underinsured 

However, don’t assume that a personal auto insurance policy will pay for a claim on a vehicle used on your property. Be proactive as a campground owner and make sure your work vehicles are protected with the correct insurance policy before an accident occurs. Otherwise, you could have to pay the entire loss out of your savings – or even have to sell your property in a catastrophic event. 

Call us. We’ll answer your questions about commercial vehicle insurance. 

Insurance can get complicated. Let us take the stress out of trying to figure it out, and simplify your life as a campground owner. 

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