RV parks and campgrounds: applying these customer service tips could increase your business as a campground owner.

RVers settle on a camping site for many reasons – such as scenery, location, rates and amenities.

But, sometimes good ol’ customer service is just as important.

After all, if you had to choose between two comparable sites – one that always made you feel appreciated and another that seemed indifferent – which would you stay at?

As a campground owner, you have a lot on your mind. Perhaps these customer service tips will keep you on the path of taking good care of your guests.

Some customer service tips for RV parks and campgrounds:

Neatness: Keep your property clean and tidy. That includes picking up litter, maintaining the restroom/shower facilities and having a presentable office. Make sure your staff dresses appropriately, too. Uniforms can be a nice touch. It’s easy to push neatness/cleanliness to the bottom of your priority list. But, it can make an oversized impact with your visitors.

Recordkeeping: Losing a customer reservation or charging the wrong amount for a visit is a fast way to leave visitors with a negative feeling about your campground, and give them little incentive to return. Impress upon your staff the importance of accurate recordkeeping and a professional approach to customer service.

Friendliness: When RVers visit a site, they’re expecting to have a good time. While that may mean different things to different campers, a staff that’s cheerful and outgoing is always conducive to a pleasant RV experience. Registration time represents an excellent opportunity to make a friendly impression, and set the tone for the rest of the visit.

Activities and amenities: This may seem out of place on a list of customer service tips. But, providing plenty of activities and amenities for your guests enhances your customer service. Little considerations like having Wi-Fi can mean a lot to your visitors, and make them feel more at home.

Security: RVing is a way to unwind from the stress of life. Help your guests relax by applying the appropriate level of security for your location. Also, providing visitors with a written emergency evacuation plan can add to their peace of mind.

Road maintenance: Can your visitors easily navigate the roads within your property? Or are they a challenge to travel? Keeping your roads in good shape is a practical way to show your customers that you value their business.

Clear policies: Do your guests know when check-out time is? What your office hours are? Understand your credit card and check policies? Know how to contact your office in an emergency? Providing a helpful fact sheet during registration that clearly lists your rules, policies and related information helps eliminate uncertainty for your customers.

Why commercial vehicle insurance is a must for many RV parks and campgrounds.

If you’re a campground owner with a fleet of vehicles to help you take care of your property, you likely need commercial vehicle insurance. Failing to have this insurance may expose you to a large financial setback that could even force you to sell your site.

Fortunately, we have affordable commercial vehicle insurance options to protect you from that possibility. Call the experts at Explorer RV Insurance at 1-888-774-6778 to learn more.

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