What makes RV parks and campgrounds great places for a family friendly vacation?

When people think about RV parks and campgrounds, many automatically picture sites that are filled with retirees or near-retirees just relaxing and enjoying nature.

As a campground owner, you know that’s not necessarily true. Many families with young children now turn to RV parks and campgrounds as an affordable way to get away.

What can you do as a campground owner to fill your site with family fun activities? (Assuming that you want to encourage this type of business.) We’ve provided a list of things you can do to promote a family friendly vacation atmosphere. Depending on your locale and budget, you may not be able to incorporate some of these ideas. But, hopefully they will ignite your imagination.

Family fun activities or amenities for a family friendly vacation atmosphere:

      • Playground
      • Basketball court
      • Tennis court
      • Volleyball court
      • Badminton court
      • Swings
      • Horseshoes
      • Bike trails
      • Hiking trails
      • Nature trails
      • Guided nature walks
      • Pedal boats
      • Swimming pool/pool activities
      • Kayaking
      • Canoeing
      • Fishing
      • Bird watching
      • Campfire activities
      • Mini-golf
      • Picnic areas
      • Games
      • Festivals
      • Cookouts/barbeques/luaus
      • Ice cream socials
      • Pancake breakfasts
      • Craft activities
      • Scavenger hunts
      • Hoppity-horse derbies

Here's something else to consider? Do you need commercial vehicle insurance?

Discussions about commercial vehicle insurance don’t qualify as family friendly activities.

But, as a campground owner, it’s important to think about this type of financial protection for your business. Chances are, if you use vehicles as part of your operations, they need to be covered by commercial vehicle insurance, not by a personal auto policy.

The time to figure this out is now – not when you need to file a claim. Otherwise, you may face a huge financial loss because your current insurance coverage won’t pay for the claim.