RV park and campground owners and managers

Use these publicity tips to create more awareness about your site – and attract more visitors. 

As a campground owner, you have many more tools at your disposal now to generate attention about your property than ever before. Are you using them?

Let’s look at some suitable publicity tips for owners of RV parks and campgrounds. Many of these are easy enough to incorporate on your own. 

But, if you don’t have the time or ability to integrate these marketing techniques, hire someone to do it for you. A freelance copywriter, public relations specialist, social media expert or marketing consultant can be a good choice. Just do an online search for these professionals. While you’ll need to pay these providers for their services, your return on investment can be substantial and ongoing. 

Some publicity tips to consider as a campground owner: 

1)   Newsletters can be a great way to communicate to current and prospective customers about all your site has to offer, including activities and amenities. You can create printed newsletters or e-newsletters; the latter is more cost-efficient, since there aren’t any printing or mailing costs. 

But, you’ll need an attractive design for e-newsletters. Fortunately, there are free or low-cost design tools online that allow you to complete the job fairly easily. And you can always pay a professional to do it for you. 

2)   Don’t overlook the value of placing ads in those trusty campground directories. (This applies to both online and print versions.) Many RVers still rely on these directories to find suitable RV parks and campgrounds when they’re traveling. 

3)   Campers of all ages use social media (especially Facebook and Twitter) to communicate and share with loved ones while they’re away. So, since your prospective and current customers are using these tools, you should, too. Creating a Facebook page or Twitter account for your campground is a quick, fun way to engage your audience, post site photos, update your activity schedule and answer questions. 

4)   A web site is a must-have for businesses, even for RV parks and campgrounds. Too many people research a business online now before they make a decision to become a customer. 

5)   With the boom in popularity of smart phones, text messages can be an easy way to stay in touch with your customers. 

6)   Do you have a brochure that you can send or distribute to those who want more information about your campground? Brochures may seem a little old-fashioned in today’s electronic world, but they’re still useful. 

7)   Free publicity can be the best publicity of all. RV parks and campgrounds that hold unique events or fund raisers often catch the attention of local media outlets. And you can always alert newspapers, radio stations and TV stations with a quick phone call or letter – or issue a press release. 

Do you have commercial vehicle insurance? 

It’s important to draw visitors to your campground to increase your revenues. But, your efforts can be wasted if you’re not protecting your site with the correct insurance. 

For instance, as a campground owner, you may need commercial vehicle insurance if vehicles are used on your property for business purposes. These vehicles likely won’t be protected by a personal auto policy. That means you could face a significant loss, and have to pay for the expenses yourself. 

Talk to one of our licensed agents today at 1-888-774-6778 to see if you need commercial vehicle insurance. We’ll shop our carriers to get the best rates and coverages for you.