RV lifestyle tips: how to avoid road construction areas

There are few things that can disrupt the blissful RV lifestyle faster than dealing with road construction. 

Not only do construction zones add to your travel time, but they waste fuel while you’re stuck in traffic. And they often cause you to feel stressed and tired by the time you arrive at your destination. 

At Explorer RV Insurance, we wish we had a magical device that could deftly transport you around every construction zone you encounter on your travels. But, unfortunately, we don’t have one. (Let us know if you have such a device!) 

However, we do have a few tips for helping you avoid those agonizing construction zones. 

Tips for bypassing road construction areas: 

Invest in technology. Both GPS devices and smart phones can provide access to the latest developments regarding road construction areas. You can often find out the location of these zones, the nature of the construction and the anticipated length of delay, as well as current traffic speeds many miles before you reach the trouble spot. 

This gives you plenty of opportunity to find alternative routes.  Besides, back roads or less-traveled routes can be enjoyable to travel. If there aren’t any feasible alternate paths, you can at least time your arrival at the construction zone so you’re not driving at peak traffic times. 

Tune in. Many states have a dedicated radio frequency that only gives traffic or construction reports. Also, most state Department of Transportation sites deliver construction information; many states have a toll-free number to call for this information, too. Additionally, commercial sites such as Traffic.com can be a resource for road construction data. 

Stop by a welcome center. Welcome and information centers usually do more than provide a place to stretch your legs and buy snacks. Many also give detailed traffic reports for the immediate area or the entire state. 

Ask for help. Before you leave on a trip, consult with a travel expert – such as AAA – that can give information about known construction zones, as well as detailed maps to get around them. 

Road construction areas are prime areas for accidents. 

Be extra aware when traveling through construction zones. The added traffic and sometimes difficult-to-navigate lanes enhance the chance for being in an accident. 

Is your RV properly protected if this happens? Don’t wait until after the incident to find out. Call Explorer RV Insurance today at 1-888-774-6778 for a review of your RV insurance coverage. And then take along some extra peace of mind as you travel the country.

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