RV lifestyle tips: ever thought about cooking in a solar oven while RV boondocking?

RVers often show concern about protecting our planet, and cooking in a solar oven while RV boondocking plays right into that. Solar cookers harness the sun’s power for a cooking method that’s fuel efficient and natural.

Beyond that, solar cooking provides a fun way to prepare foods.

What are the advantages of cooking in a solar oven?

solar_ovenBesides using a renewable energy source (i.e., the sun) to cook, you’ll save money on air conditioning costs. Preparing your food outside means your RV won’t become hotter when cooking meals.

Plus, clean up is a breeze – and it’s difficult to burn your food. In fact, stirring food isn’t required most of the time, so cooking is low maintenance. That frees you to spend time on more enjoyable activities than hovering over a stove.

What can you cook in a solar oven? Pretty much anything. That includes meats, soups, pastas, breads, vegetables and more. You’ll prepare food similarly to using a conventional cooking method. But, it’s best to cut your foods in smaller pieces to allow for faster cooking.

Solar cooking uses relatively low-tech, inexpensive devices. You can even build your own solar cookware.

To cook foods, place them in the solar oven in direct sunlight, and let the sun go to work. Cooking temperatures can reach 350 degrees on days with strong, direct sunlight. Foods that require a long cooking time should go in the solar oven first; then add faster-cooking foods (such as vegetables or beans) later in the day.

How long does it take to cook foods? Well, that depends on a variety of factors, such as the sunlight, latitude, air temperature, wind and amount of food being prepared.

You can learn more about cooking in a solar oven by checking out numerous helpful resources online. And look here for tips about RV boondocking.

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Solar cooking allows you to prepare foods in a relaxed manner. Perhaps you can use this downtime to think about other matters that can impact your RV lifestyle – such as RV insurance.

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