RV lifestyle: use these do it yourself pest control tips for better RV living.

Your RV home may be your castle. But, there are plenty of pests that may think it’s their castle, too, and look for an opportunity to move in.

While you can always turn to aggressive techniques – such as using pesticides or other poisons – to protect your RV, you may want to try some more subtle do it yourself pest control tactics first.

Some easy ways to protect your RV lifestyle from unwanted guests.

  • Leave dryer sheets inside your pantries, cupboards, drawers and closets. Insects, mice and other critters generally won’t like the smell, and will stay away.
  • Don’t leave exposed food out for long periods. As soon as you’re through with a food item, put it back in the cupboard, refrigerator or freezer. Invest in air-tight plastic bags or containers, and tightly seal your food.
  • Use mothballs to discourage both moths and rodents. Don’t overdo it, though, or your RV will smell like mothballs; you only need a small amount to scare off pests. Some RVers even use mothballs outside (in their outdoor storage containers) to keep away spiders, snakes and other pests.
  • Prefer not to use mothballs? Peppermint oil can be an excellent natural repellent. Moisten cotton balls with peppermint, and spread them throughout your RV.
  • Sprinkle talcum powder, borax, diatomaceous earth or powdered sink cleanser around the exterior of your RV to ward off an intrusion of ants.
  • Plug any holes or cracks around your pipes with expanding foam; these openings present an easy entry way for pests.
  • Fill a spray bottle with dish or laundry detergent, and use it when bothered by bees, wasps or hornets.
  • String Christmas or other small lights around the perimeter of your RV. This may seem odd, but some RVers claim the lights scare off rodents and snakes. Just be aware that some pests are attracted to lights. So, you may rid yourself of some critters, but unwittingly invite others.

Hopefully, these do it yourself pest control tricks will help protect your RV.

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