Switching to a full time RV lifestyle: life in an RV as a full timer means change.

So, you’ve made the decision to become a full time RVer. While many love this RV lifestyle, it does require some changes in your life – including things you may have never considered.

Some things to consider when moving to a full time RV lifestyle from Explorer RV Insurance:

Laundry: It’s best to invest in clothes that are washable (i.e., not dry clean-only) that you can hand wash in your RV. Of course, there will be times when you need to rely on a laundromat or dry cleaner. However, reducing your dependence on both will make your life simpler and less expensive.

But, what should you do with dirty laundry in between washing days? A door hanger hamper or hanging laundry bag is a smart way to store dirty laundry without cluttering your RV.

Mail delivery: Look into a private mail box (PMB) service that will hold your mail until you either pick it up or notify the business where to forward your mail. Make sure your PMB service understands your unique needs as a full time RVer. When possible, choose a PMB service that’s been in business for a while.

De-cluttering: Over the years, chances are you’ve accumulated far more things than you need – from clothes to furniture to those items you thought you’d use someday but never have. When living life in an RV, you’ll be living in a more limited space. Unnecessary items need to go – unless you want to place them in a storage facility.

Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye to items that have been a part of your life. While you do want to make sure RV feels “homey,” the lighter you can travel with an RV, the better.

Personal space: Living in an RV means giving up some personal space and privacy (unless you’re going solo). Some find this to be a difficult adjustment. So, just keep this in mind when deciding to switch to full time life in an RV.

Choose a RV home base.  Even if you’re a nomad at heart, you’ll still need to establish a home base for taxes and other reasons. Discover more about this facet of a full time RV lifestyle.

Keeping within your budget. As a full timer, you’ll shed plenty of bills associated with home ownership, like property tax, land lines, water, sewer, trash, landscaping and home repairs. But, you’ll now pay more for other expenses, such as RV maintenance and repairs (interior, exterior and engine), gasoline and cleaning bills. Perhaps you’ll also eat out more often, which will drive up your food costs.

All of this points to a need to prepare a written budget – and stick to it. Otherwise, it’s much too easy to let your new life in an RV surprise you with a bunch of “sneaky” expenses.

Staying connected.  If you’re traveling much of the year, you might be away from family and friends more often, so you’ll need to work a little harder to keep those strong bonds. That could mean relying more on e-mail and social network sites to stay in touch.

But, don’t overlook the importance of conversing with other RVers. Online RV forums are a great way to meet other RVers, share ideas about camping sites and get loads of practical tips about RV life.

Plus, take advantage of RV clubs. They can offer wonderful discounts on camping sites, news about RV rallies and events and other helpful information to help you feel at home.

What about getting a full time RV insurance policy?

This is another change you’ll need to consider. If you live in your RV more than five months each year, you may be required to carry this insurance.

Even if you don’t, a full time RV insurance policy can be a smart move. It can provide extensive financial coverages that include personal liability, medical payments, scheduled valuable personal property and secured storage personal effects.

In short, full time RV insurance fills potential gaps that could jeopardize your financial security. As a full timer, it gives you added peace of mind, so you can enjoy your RV lifestyle even more.

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