Are you ready for full time RV living? Use this helpful checklist as a guide.

Some people make this decision quickly, while others want to examine the pros and cons more carefully. If you’re in the second group, and are still trying to decide whether or not full time RV living is right for you, keep reading.  

Full time RV living checklist

While this list isn’t a foolproof way to determine your readiness for this lifestyle, it should help you to seriously examine a number of issues related to full time RVing.

The more questions you answer with a confident “yes,” then the more apt you’re likely to be for full time RVing.

    • Do you have the financial resources and stability to support this lifestyle?
    • Do you have a committed desire to simplify your life?
    • Are you comfortable with change?
    • Do you enjoy traveling and the outdoors?
    • Can you easily adapt to new situations?
    • Do you like meeting new people?
    • Are you okay with being away from your home territory for lengthy periods?
    • Are your relationships with family members and friends back home strong enough to survive not seeing them as often?
    • Do you have someone to look after your property while you’re away?
    • Are you a flexible person?
    • Is your relationship with your traveling companion(s) secure and time-tested?
    • Are you fine with living within a relatively small space and having limited personal space?
    • Can you accept the limitations of cooking in an RV kitchen?
    • Are you adept at making a budget – and sticking to it?
    • Are you experienced with meal planning?
    • Are you comfortable living with a limited amount of possessions?
    • Are you handy when it comes to minor home repair jobs?
    • Do you relish having more freedom?
    • Do you enjoy adventure?

What about full time RV insurance?

Should you make the change to full time RVing, be sure to reconsider your insurance needs. It’s quite possible that you will need additional coverages – or higher liability limits.

A full time RV insurance policy could be a good option. It provides comprehensive protection in a single policy, with many types of specialty coverages available.

Why not find out more about full time RV insurance? Talk to one of our knowledgeable agents today at 1-888-774-6778 who will explain this policy in detail – and in an easy-to-understand manner.