Organize your RV: how to declutter your RV – and become more organized.

Life on the road can be a wonderful lifestyle – but you do need to deal with a limited amount of space, even in larger RVs. But, with some simple steps, you can learn how to declutter – without feeling like you’re throwing everything away.

Organize your RV by applying these tips.

Learn to let go.  Be honest with yourself. Think about the last time you used an item. If it’s been longer than a year, chances are you’re not going to use it next year, either. Instead of holding onto it, why not sell it or donate it to someone who truly will use it?

Opt for multi-purpose items. The more tasks that an item can handle, the better. Flexibility is a key consideration when deciding what should stay and what should go. Try to avoid specialty items you won’t use much, and that can only do one thing.

Get creative. Catalogues and retailers (like Amazon, Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond) are full of tools designed to make better use of existing space. This includes wire or solid shelves, under-shelf baskets, stackable drawers or bins, crates, baskets, dish racks and more. Also, emphasize collapsible items and items that can nest inside each other.

Aim low. See that space under your bed? Or under that big stuffed chair? Maybe it can accommodate a plastic container that can hold extra blankets, sheets or other items you don’t use on a regular basis.

Think small. Kitchen items – such as appliances, pots and pans – come in many sizes. When it’s practical, opt for the most compact size.

After you organize your RV, think about your insurance.

Is your RV insurance scattered among multiple policies? Are you confident about your protection? Do you truly know what’s covered and for how much?

Explorer RV Insurance offers full time RV insurance. It offers broad protection (with high liability options) within a single policy.

So, now that you’ve learned how to declutter your RV, why not declutter your insurance protection? You’ll enjoy the added peace of mind it brings – along with the comprehensive protection it provides.

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