RV lifestyle: tips for saving money so you can enjoy a fun but frugal life.

Many retirees and younger folks on fixed incomes enjoy the RV lifestyle. So, here are practical tips for saving money that can help you enjoy RV living even more.

Cost-saving ideas from Explorer RV Insurance:

Track your expenses. It may not be fun. And it might seem contrary to that carefree RV lifestyle you crave. But, writing down your monthly fixed costs along with your day-to-day spending can be revealing – and alert you to where you need to be smarter and more efficient with your money.

Save on gasoline. With fuel at near-record highs, traveling in a vehicle with poor gas mileage can be a major expense. Read the tips for getting the best RV gas mileage section below for specific details.

Limit your laundromat and dry cleaner visits. Hand-wash your clothes as much as possible to avoid those pesky laundromat and dry cleaning fees that add up throughout the year.

Don’t buy books or magazines. Reading while you’re on the road is a wonderful way to pass the time. But, that doesn’t mean you have to pay for your reading materials. Why not borrow books and magazines from libraries, and use campground book exchanges?

Clean your closet. Many RVers get by just fine with a limited wardrobe that offers some flexibility. When it’s time to buy new clothes, shop local sales and visit thrift stores.

Become a mechanic. Well, not really. But, learn some relatively simple maintenance tasks – like changing your oil – and you’ll save considerably over time. Plus, become handier with RV repairs so you can handle minor jobs on your own (there are excellent how-to-repair guides for RVs).

Look for free entertainment options. No matter where you are, chances are that you can find free or inexpensive entertainment options (like festivals, movies, concerts, exhibits, shows, tours, lectures or classes). For pay events, see if there are discount coupons available.

Search for free campsites. Consult online directories for wonderful spots to stay overnight for free. Or get ideas from fellow RVers on RV forums. And use any discounts (senior citizen, membership, etc.) offered at paid camping sites.

Be smart about your taxes. Take advantage of whatever breaks may be available as an RV owner. Hiring a tax professional who’s knowledgeable about this will cost you money upfront, but can save you more down the road.

Tips for getting the best RV gas mileage:

Keep in mind you’ll see better results if you apply more than just one or two of these ideas.

    1. Keep your engine in top shape. While this is true for all types of vehicles, it’s even more important with heavier vehicles. This means getting regular tune-ups and oil changes, and inspecting the condition of your wires and plugs frequently. For better mileage, use synthetic oils.
    2. Maintain the correct tire pressure. Be sure to check it often – especially when traveling or experiencing temperature extremes. Keeping your tires at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure helps your tires last longer.
    3. Lighten the load. RVs are already heavy. Make it easier on your engine by not lugging around unnecessary items.
    4. Replace your air filter regularly. Dirty air filters clog air flow, and reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 10 percent.
    5. Turn off the air conditioner when driving at lower speeds. This can be tough in hot or muggy conditions. But, it will improve your RV gas mileage.
    6. Plot your trip carefully. Use whatever tools that are available to you help ensure you’re not wasting gas by getting lost, trapped in traffic jams or forced into long detours.
    7. Cruise down the highway. When possible, apply your cruise control and travel at a steady speed, which facilitates better RV gas mileage.
    8. Consider trading in for a more fuel-efficient RV. When it’s time to replace your vehicle, think about buying a RV that weighs less, uses diesel, features a sleek design or runs on a van chassis. All of these elements can help you achieve the best RV gas mileage.

And here’s one more money-saving tip from Explorer RV Insurance.

Get a free insurance review through Explorer RV. We’ll evaluate your policies to make sure you’re not paying for unnecessary protection.

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We hope these tips for saving money have sparked some ideas that you can easily implement!