Military RV campgrounds: looking for a different camping experience? Military campgrounds can be a great option.

RVers are always on the lookout for reasonably priced camp sites that are secure.

That describes military RV campgrounds perfectly. Plus, many of these campgrounds are situated in beautiful settings, located close to hospitals, recreational areas, grocery stores, movie theaters and more. So, it’s no wonder that many campers like military RV campgrounds.

But, there’s a catch – and it’s an important one.

To stay at military campgrounds, you must be included in one of these categories:

  • retired military
  • career military
  • disabled veteran
  • Department of Defense employee

Or, you can be affiliated with active service in some other manner – or be a guest of one of these individuals.

Note that military RV campgrounds carry different restrictions. So, you may be able to stay at one base but not another.

Researching military RV campgrounds: Explorer RV offers tips.

You probably wouldn’t check into an ordinary campground without doing a little research, or at least getting a recommendation from a fellow RVer.

It should be the same with military campgrounds.

Some campgrounds offer beautiful settings, plenty of RV hook-ups, recreational areas, WiFi, commissaries and other amenities. Meanwhile, some campgrounds have limited offerings, and simply provide a quiet, secure place to park your RV at prices that are much lower than private grounds.

Additionally, some military campgrounds are new, while others are decades old. And some don’t require reservations, while some do.

When researching these campgrounds, visit RV forums for advice from other campers. Or, go to sites such as U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks and U.S. Army WMR that are rich resources of information about military campgrounds.

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