RV auctions: looking for a great RV deal? Try an RV auction.

Many people dream about buying a better RV than what they currently own, but the cost is often enough to dash that dream.

If this describes your situation, have you considered trying your luck at an RV auction? While the thought of bidding on vehicles may seem intimidating, many people find RV auctions to be fun. And, more importantly, you may save 50% or more on your RV purchase.

What types of sellers go to RV auctions?

Not all sellers at a RV auction are the same, and it’s important to know the differences among them. Typical types of sellers include:

  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Dealerships
  • Government agencies

Insurance companies usually sell salvage vehicles that have been damaged by a flood, accident, fire, hailstorm or something related. While you can snag a great deal on these types of auctions, be careful. The money you save initially can quickly disappear if there are significant problems that must be corrected.

Dealerships that are going out of business sometimes try to unload their new or used RVs at an auction. Since these vehicles are generally in better shape than other types of auction RVs, you may pay a higher price. But, these dealerships are motivated to sell, so you can get an excellent price.

Banks and government agencies are usually peddling confiscated or repossessed vehicles from tax foreclosures, impounds or similar reasons. Don’t be scared away by this. These vehicles often are in good shape – and you may find one that’s nearly new.

Where do you find RV auctions?

Thanks to the Internet, it’s fairly easy to find these auctions. Just search online using a term like “RV auction” (and perhaps include your location). You should see a variety of sites that will help you locate a nearby auction. But, keep in mind that some of these auctions may not be open to the public.

But, don’t just rely on Internet searches. Call local banks. Ask if they have any repossessed RVs, and see if you can strike a deal before the vehicle goes to auction. Or ask when and where the auction will be held.

When you go to an RV auction, don’t leave your common sense at home. In competitive bidding situations, it’s easy to make bad decisions once the adrenaline kicks in. So, set your ceiling amount for your purchase – and don’t exceed it.

In most cases, you’ll be buying the vehicle as is. So, get to the auction as early as possible to get a close look at the RVs.

Don’t forget about RV insurance.

Once you’ve purchased your RV, you’ll need to protect it financially.

The experts at Explorer RV Insurance have been helping RVers protect their investments since 1997. We offer a wide assortment of products (including high-limit policies and total loss replacement) from leading carriers. And we’ll put together a tailored policy that fits your needs.

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