RV boondocking tips: the practice of RV boondocking – or camping without hookups (i.e., dry camping) – is quite popular with many RVers.

So, we thought we’d pass along some tips about this fun, adventurous RV lifestyle. 

How to find RV boondocking locations: 

This can be a challenge. 

Part of where you can boondock depends upon your RV. Smaller vehicles can more easily access remote sites that are difficult for larger vehicles.

Beyond that, you can generally dry camp on federal public lands if your site is within 300 feet of an established road. But, keep in mind that U.S. national parks don’t permit you to boondock overnight. 

So, if you’re the type who likes to plan ahead – and not just take a chance at finding a good spot to boondock – your best bet is to do your homework. Search online using terms such as “RV boondocking locations” and a number of helpful sites will appear. Or use RV software programs to help you find some great boondocking locations. 

And consult with your fellow RVers, too. Online RV forums can be a terrific resource for generating some promising boondocking possibilities. Local chambers of commerce can also be a good resource. 

Don’t forget to map the path to your RV boondocking locations. 

After you’ve settled on some areas to explore as dry camping sites, make sure you know how to get there. 

While you can chart your trip online using simple mapping tools, these may not be the most reliable. Topographical maps from good sources or official travel maps tend to provide more accurate, detailed information. 

It can take a little digging. But, there are plenty of wonderful boondocking sites throughout the country – and you’ll find some that are perfect for you. 

Have you considered full time RV insurance? 

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 So you can get back to enjoying that carefree, blissful RV lifestyle – and go dry camping!