Your RV represents a significant investment. Protect it with RV depreciation coverage.

Whether you purchase a brand new or used recreational vehicle, it’s a large investment. And a significant accident can be devastating – and leave you dealing with a substantial setback.

Discover how Explorer RV offers coverages that provide RV depreciation protection in three ways.

Which RV depreciation coverage fits your needs?

Total loss replacement: Available to original owners of RVs with a model year that’s within four years of the current model year

With this coverage, if a total loss occurs within the first five model years, you’ll receive the newest model of your RV (or a comparable version). Meanwhile, if the incident happens after that, you’ll be paid your initial payment price, which is to be used towards buying a replacement RV.

Purchase price guarantee: Available to owners of a used recreational vehicle bought within the past 12 months

The model year must not be more than 10 years old. Should a total loss occur during the first 10 model years, you’ll be paid your purchase price, which will go towards buying a replacement.

Agreed value coverage: Available to owners of bus conversion RVs

This option provides depreciation for a three-year period. You’ll need to submit an appraisal that indicates the current value of the vehicle. If a total loss occurs, you’ll receive the appraised value. After three years, you can begin another three-year cycle by submitting a new appraisal.

Do you have full time RV insurance?

Most avid RVers should consider full time RV insurance as their needs are often greater than a typical RVer, and this option offers more complete protection in the convenience of a single policy. Full time RV insurance provides plenty of beneficial coverage options, such as:

  • Personal liability insurance (up to $1 million)
  • Medical payment coverage
  • Scheduled valuable personal property coverage
  • Secured storage personal effects coverage

Why not call Explorer RV Insurance today to learn more about full time RV insurance – and RV depreciation coverage, too?