Share your favorite RV shows with your fellow campers.

Do you have a particular RV show that you look forward to attending every year – perhaps held at a local convention center? You know what we mean – the type of show that you circle on your calendar weeks ahead of time and can’t wait to attend.

Have you found some RV shows to be better than others? Perhaps there are more vehicles to check out, the atmosphere is more festive, or it’s easier to get a bargain on a motorhome?

 If so, please let us know.

Explorer RV Insurance is compiling a list of the nation’s best RV shows. This will be a useful resource to help you discover the country’s top shows. After all, who’s a better judge about the quality of a show than other RVers? 

Never attended a RV show?

If you’ve never been to a RV show – and you enjoy RVs – you should consider trying it.

RV shows give you a simple way to see a collection of motorhomes in one spot, without wasting gas driving to multiple dealers. It provides the opportunity to step inside some of the most luxurious or beautiful RVs you’ll ever come across. And you’ll meet many types of RVers, too, which creates an interesting experience.

Plus, dealers sometimes offer limited-time deals that last only until the show ends. These sales can be a great way to save money on a new model. So, if you’re serious about purchasing a RV in the near future, come prepared to buy.

Ready to tell us about your RV show?

Please just fill in the form to the right. You can comment as much or as little as you want. But, the more details that you can provide about a show, the better it will be for other campers.

The team at Explorer RV Insurance thanks you for your participation. Check out the list below about the upcoming RV shows from coast-to-coast.

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