RV living tips: discover how to save money on gas by reducing the weight of your RV.

Trying to save money on gas is an essential part of RV living. And there are a number of fuel-efficient actions you can take, such as:

    • Performing routine maintenance on your engine
    • Regularly measuring and adjusting your tire pressure
    • Changing your air filter often
    • Driving at steady speeds and using cruise control
    • Reducing the use of air conditioning while driving
    • Carefully planning your route

But, while these strategies can save money on gas, none of them address a key issue that impacts fuel efficiency: the weight of your RV.

While your RV will never be mistaken for a sub-compact car, here are several steps to take to make your vehicle as light as possible, courtesy of Explorer RV Insurance.

RV gas saving tips: how to lighten the load

    • Review the contents of your RV (including items in storage spaces and closets) every three months. Ask yourself when you used an item last. If you can’t remember, consider getting rid of it. Recycle or donate when possible.
    • When you buy an item, see if you can subtract one that’s roughly equivalent in weight. (For instance, if you buy a sweater, try to find an old sweater you could give away.)
    • Invest in multi-use items that handle more than one job.
    • Emphasize dried foods instead of canned goods, as dried foods weigh less.
    • Borrow books and magazines from libraries, as opposed to buying a collection of reading materials.
    • Bring along only a basic set of tools.
    • Rent and return heavy items – such as golf clubs – instead of lugging them around on your travels.

Don’t forget about another important aspect of RV living.

While it’s great to think about gas saving tips, you should also be concerned about protecting your property with RV insurance. Explorer RV Insurance offers a variety of policies – including full time RV insurance – that can be customized for your needs.

Safeguard your investment and gain some peace of mind with the right RV insurance. Call us today at 1-888-774-6778 to learn about your options and receive quotes from our many quality carriers.

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