RV living: how to use secure banking online to stay ahead of your bills on the road.

That carefree RV lifestyle you enjoy must occasionally intersect with reality.

One of these circumstances is keeping up with your financial obligations. When you’re away from your home base for weeks or months, it’s easy to let a mortgage payment, utility bill, insurance premium, credit card bill, doctor’s bill or some other type of debt slip past your attention.

Unfortunately, doing so can cause you to endure expensive late fees, damage to your credit record, loss of service or worse.

So, how you can enjoy the relaxed RV lifestyle without the constant worry about paying your bills on time?

Secure banking online makes your life easier.

Years ago, your payment options were limited on the road. But, thanks to secure banking online, you now have more tools to work with.

Almost all banks offer secure banking online through their websites. This allows you to pay bills electronically and keep track of your deposits and withdrawals without opening your checkbook or viewing a paper statement.

Additionally, you can set up automatic payments with many of your debtors for recurring bills. This prevents the possibility of missed payments, and won’t interfere with your RV lifestyle. You don’t necessarily need to have an online banking account to do this, although having one makes it a bit easier.

When setting up online payments or using online banking, be sure to practice good security habits. That includes using strong passwords that can’t be easily guessed, using secure websites, always logging off a site when you’ve finished your transaction and being skeptical about any sort of e-mail request for personal information.

Don’t have a computer or Internet access? Or don’t trust online payments? Many companies allow you to pay your bill over the phone if you give them your credit card or checking account information. Some will charge a minor fee for this service, but most won’t.

Should you decide to pay this way, it’s a good idea to record the date and the name of the person you talked to, along with a confirmation number. Even automated systems – which take your payment without speaking to a human – will provide a confirmation number.

Don’t forget about paying your RV insurance or other types of insurance premiums.

Failing to pay your health, home, life, dental, auto or RV insurance premiums could ultimately result in a cancelled policy. And that can leave you with a large gap in your financial protection.

Don’t disrupt your blissful RV living with this type of stress. Contact your insurance carriers to see what sort of payment options they offer. Then be proactive and make the necessary arrangements to avoid missed premium payments.

And if you have any questions about RV insurance, please call Explorer RV Insurance at 1-888-774-6778.