RV lifestyle: going solo on your RV travels? Try these tips.

When most people think about RV travels, they picture a young family or perhaps a retired couple exploring America in the comforts of a recreational vehicle.

But, that’s not necessarily an accurate portrayal of the RV lifestyle. Many RVers choose to travel alone. While that has some disadvantages, it certainly has some benefits, too. For starters, it can be easier to meet people, embrace new opportunities and take advantage of your freedom.

If you enjoy traveling by yourself – or maybe want to test it out – learn how to enhance your experience.

Make your solo RV lifestyle better with these 10 tips.

1)   Keep your RV in great condition. Make sure to adhere to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, and handle all repair work promptly. While it’s never fun to suffer a mechanical breakdown with a RV, it’s worse when you’re by yourself.

2)   Stay in contact with family members or friends back home, and alert them to your travel schedule.

3)   Use a global positioning system (GPS). Since you won’t have a navigator beside you, this tool will keep you on the right path while you focus on getting to your destination safely.

4)   Join forums or groups that deal with RV travels. Learn as much as you can from experienced RVers. Get great advice about where to stay, what to visit, where to eat, how to save money, and other practical tips about the RV lifestyle. Plus, these sources offer a sense of that RVer camaraderie you might miss without a travel partner.

5)   Travel with a pet. Not only will a pet provide some companionship, but a pet can act as an icebreaker when beginning a conversation with other RVers.

6)   Emphasize safety. No matter how secure you may feel in your setting, lock your doors and close your windows. Also, even though you may want your privacy, it’s a good idea to stay within earshot of other campers in case there’s trouble. And be sure to have an emergency kit onboard.

7)   Make copies of your medical records and carry them in your RV.

8)   Check to see if there are any local groups that share your interests, such as bird watching, hiking, biking, quilting or book reading.

9)   Don’t let your gas tank drop below half-full.

10) Find groups online that cater to solo travelers. These can be a good way to develop friendships, and reduce feelings of isolation or anxiety that may surface on your journeys.

Here’s one more tip from Explorer RV Insurance.

When traveling alone, it’s important to keep your worries to a minimum. Having the proper RV insurance coverage not only protects you financially, but offers some peace of mind.

Do you have the correct types and amounts of coverages? Find out before you leave on your next adventure. Talk to a licensed agent at Explorer RV Insurance today at 1-888-774-6778.