RV living: tips on locating just the right spot in RV parks and campgrounds.

Any veteran RVer knows that finding ideal RV parks and campgrounds is a challenge. 

But, once you’ve discovered one, you have another decision to make: where should you park your RV? 

Don’t laugh. Your site impacts your RV living experience for the rest of your stay. And, you should scout your location before settling in – that is, if you have the ability to select your spot. 

So, let’s look at several issues to consider. 

How to make the most out of RV parks and campgrounds:

Facilities: Being close to the showers, restrooms, recreational areas or offices can be an advantage, especially if you have mobility issues. However, these areas tend to get a lot of foot traffic. If you prefer seclusion, look elsewhere for your site.

Room: Wedging your RV into an area without a lot of space means less room to maneuver your vehicle. And it cramps your personal space for cooking out, picnicking or just relaxing outside.

Trees and sun: Parking in a site that gets a lot of direct sun exposure can be uplifting, as you’ll enjoy the benefits of sunlight. But, during summer, your air conditioner will work harder to keep you cool. Of course, in winter, direct sunlight reduces your heating costs.

Also, if you’re sensitive to light, look for a shaded area with a lot of trees. Not an early riser? Avoid eastern exposure. Enjoy sunsets? Select a site that faces west.

Satellite signals: As you know, satellite signals are directional. So, if you have a satellite TV, seek parking spots that face the correct way, and aren’t surrounded by a thick canopy of trees. 

Be choosy about your site – and your RV insurance. 

Putting some thought into where you’ll park your RV pays off. So does carefully choosing your RV insurance policy

Having a RV insurance policy that fits your needs and offers ample protection not only helps safeguard your financial health, but gives you a greater sense of well-being – so you can more fully enjoy RV living. 

Call Explorer RV Insurance at 1-888-774-6778 to learn more about we can develop a comprehensive plan that’s right for you.

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